Akira Back at THEATRE

A new era of fine dining and film is here as VOX Cinemas and Michelin-starred chef Akira Back join forces to bring you THEATRE like never before. A culinary journey combining the ultimate cinema experience with the innovation in food for which chef Back has gained world renown.

Our aim is simple: to offer our guests a diverse Japanese menu created by chef Back that features a combination of popular, modern flavours coupled with your favourite cinema classics. All our THEATRE dishes are presented in our signature VOX Cinemas’ style. We hope you enjoy your food and the movie. 


  • What can you expect at THEATRE?

    • A brand-new Japanese menu by chef Akira Back
    • An intimate cinema experience in a luxurious setting
    • Reclining leather seats with adjustable foot rest, complimentary blanket and pillow
    • Call button for in-cinema waiter service

VOX Cinemas has created the perfect experience, combining the best of fine food and film.  

Prices at KD 21, the package includes:

  • One THEATRE ticket for any movie of your choice
  • Choice of one starter or one tacos/nachos/baos or one AB Signature Rolls and one cinema classic and one dessert
  • Choice of one drink except mocktails

Conditions of Entry:

  • Entry is for guests above 13 years of age. Guests between 5 and 13 years can enter with a guardian.
  • Please check the classification of the movie. The age rating assigned to the movie should be complied with.
  • Food and beverages from any external F&B provider will not be allowed inside the THEATRE lounge and/or cinemas.
  • Please note that THEATRE package cannot be shared between multiple guests.