Lights up, volume down and comfort all around! 

Sensory Friendly Screening is a unique cinema experience that’s designed to create an inclusive, safe and comfortable environment for children with sensory needs and their families.

These screenings include the following adjustments

  • Increased auditorium lighting 
  • Lower volume 
  • Smaller crowd

The experience will be available only in VOX Cinemas KIDS at The Avenues, Grand Plaza on Saturdays at 11 a.m. starting from October 1st.


Q. What are Sensory Friendly Screenings? How are Sensory Friendly Screenings different from regular screenings?

VOX Cinemas’ Sensory Friendly Screenings feature certain adjustments to make the cinema experience more inclusive and accessible for children with sensory sensitivities. While the typical cinema environment can be stressful for guests with sensory sensitivities, our Sensory Friendly Screenings provide a safe and comfortable environment, including keeping the house lights on (dimmed) throughout the film, lowering the audio volume, removing the advertisements and trailers before the film, and ensuring a reduced number of guests in the auditorium.

Q. Who are the Sensory Friendly Screenings suitable for?

The Sensory Friendly Screenings are suitable for children with sensory sensitivities, allowing them to enjoy quality family time while watching a movie in a safe and comfortable environment.

Q. How much are the tickets for Sensory Friendly Screenings?

Tickets for the Sensory Friendly Screenings are the same price as tickets for KIDS screenings. Children under one year of age can enter for free.

Q. In which cinemas are Sensory Friendly Screenings available at?

Sensory Friendly Screenings are available at VOX Cinemas KIDS in The Avenues, Grand Plaza.

Q. How often will you be showing Sensory Friendly Screenings?

VOX Cinemas will be hosting Sensory Friendly Screenings on a monthly basis. The screenings will take place on Saturdays at 11 a.m. in the KIDS auditorium.

Q. How do I purchase a ticket for Sensory Friendly Screenings?

Tickets for Sensory Friendly Screenings are available for on-site purchase only at the ticket counter of VOX Cinemas The Avenues, Grand Plaza only. Tickets will not be available online.

Q. What movies will be shown at the Sensory Friendly Screenings?

Guests can enjoy a wide range of family-friendly films and animated movies at our Sensory Friendly Screenings. VOX Cinemas will not be showing any content with aggression or violence. To view the schedule of movies and make a booking, click here.